Garden Sundries


Plants need to be fertilized because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required for optimum growth.We sell fertilizer so you can keep your plants thriving. It is essential for any gardener or flower owner to have.

Concrete Ornaments

Statues, bird baths, sun dials, novelty planters, animal figurines compliment are pot area and make ideal gifts for friends and loved ones.

Plant Supports and Hanging Basket Sundries

The variety of plant supports and hanging basket accessories is endless. Come and visit our main shop to view our many standard and unusual products.

Hanging Basket Sundries

We have a variety of sundries for your hanging baskets.

Gardening Clothing

We now stock Town & Country Wellington Boots and Gloves.


We have a selection of diamond, square and fan trellis available to help train your plants attractively around the garden, or conceal unsightly walls, bins or buildings.

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